One More Opportunity To Get Money: Auto Pawnshop

If you urgently need money for purchase of the new car we suggest taking them at auto pawnshop which has a very simple work. You need a certain amount? No problem: give your old car in pledge. It is worth remembering that the auto pawnshop will never take in pledge the vehicle which repeatedly had serious accidents but may purchase it for the price which will hardly be approved by the client.

To receive money for purchase of a new car it is necessary to come to car service of a pawnshop by currently used vehicle where its assessment will be made by service specialists according to which the loan amount will be determined. Most often the credit money granted for car mortgage amount ninety percent from its real cost but sometimes much less.

In pledge under the credit the domestic cars of three-five years operation and imported brands of cars till ten years are accepted.

In case of car acceptance in pledge not only its technical condition but also all related documentation regarding its authenticity, for stealing and debt to the third party is checked.

When all issues are solved, the car remains in a supervised parking of organization. The statement of its transfer in pledge (2 copies) is drawn up, and the borrower receives the amount necessary for him, which he should repay to a pawnshop in specified term with interest stipulated in advance and fixed by the agreement.

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