Car Loan Granting With Two Documents

State programs of auto loans are very popular. The essence of such program is that some share of commission percentage for the credit is paid by the state. Those people who decided to purchase a domestic or imported car but assembled in the country may have such opportunity.

It is known that today most of people live at the expense of money received unofficially. Therefore, they have no opportunity to submit a salary certificate to the bank. Besides, the collection of references is a tiresome matter. Some people do not like long expectation of the bank decision. Therefore, banks try to meet the desires of such clients arranging the credit for purchase of a car just according to a couple of documents (passport and military card). The military card is interesting to banks just for understanding whether the client served in the army or not. If not the bank does not want to contact a risky client and most likely will refuse the credit.

General requirements to credited person remain the same as in case of ordinary credit granting. That is the age of the borrower should not be less than twenty one year old and he should have a permanent address of registration and accommodation. Every bank determines its own conditions of car loan granting with two documents. And differ from standard a little. But rate for use of the credit in this case is about two percent higher. Besides, the bank can increase the amount of payment which the client is obliged to pay upon purchase of the car.

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