Choice Of Bank For Auto Loan

Acquisition of the car through bank today is not the best option for potential car owners. The market of banking services is very wide and all of them give big opportunities to grant the credits for cars purchase according special programs. The variety of banks and offered services confuses clients and makes their choice enough difficult. Besides, search process of financial institution offering acceptable conditions of crediting takes a plenty time.

To make the bank choice more convenient we suggest taking into consideration the following criteria:

• If the client has limited finances attention should be paid just to the banks offering crediting with the minimal first fee, but it is even better without it;

• Percentage of commission for the credit per year should not exceed the interest rate established in the market of banking services;

• The bank on the first demand should provide all information on the additional charges, payments and percentage of commission for credit granting, its use and pay off. It is worth understanding that 0,1% can sometimes appear a very considerable total sum;

• The payout period of the loan is also important if the borrower is able to pay big monthly sums the term should be minimal. As a result, the percent will be low. Otherwise everything will be on the contrary: payments are less, percent is higher;

• The list of obligatory documents shall be not too long. The main thing: it should not contain the requirement of salary certificate and registration of life and car compulsory insurance.

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