Crisis And Car Loans

This year rates on auto loan continue their fall all over the world. But despite the state stimulation sales will hardly grow.

It is considered that crisis time is a successful time for any large purchase including car. Now producers of cars are ready to credit the clients under zero annual interest rate that is by installments. In other words, producers agree with bankers which grant the credits paying interests to the bank from the budget, thus reducing profitability of the enterprises. But thanks to it there is a stimulation of the consumer. Such payment by installments may be received for any car both on domestic and import though the minimum interest rate on imported cars is available.

Crisis affected domestic producer most of all and the state does everything possible today to help him developing state programs of support. One of such programs is related to transportation expenses which are connected with delivery of the car to various regions of the country. The second program consists in exchange/utilization of an old car for a new one. The estimative cost clears off a part of costs for purchase of a new vehicle.

It is possible to believe that taken measures will be productive. And car makers will be able to continue to work without special detriment. But sales would be much higher if there is a transparent interaction of state and producer. However as usually, it is prevented by corruption in authorities.

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