Probabilities Of Refusal At Granting Car Loan

Banks may refuse the client in credit granting. There are some reasons.

The first of them is a salary insufficient for loan granting even if the borrower considers that the income of his family will be enough for loan repayment. The bank will require submitting the evidence of fixed salary availability. Refusal in crediting for this reason happens very often. But the borrower may address to banks and the organizations which won’t begin to require such confirmation. However, you shouldn’t hope for a low rate in this case.

The second cause of failure is a big credit taken from other bank and payments on which have not completed yet. But it may not influence on granting of the second loan if the borrower has a good income. If the client has the earnings allowing paying several credits credit granting will be approved.

The third reason may seem strange. The bank may not approve the credit granting for purchasing of certain make of the car. But everything rests against a financial question. How can you afford to purchase Mercedes if your salary is enough to pay just a domestic car? Therefore, such loan refuse will be obvious. If the client intends to rectify a situation he should find an additional (official) source of financing or to purchase a domestic car. It is useless to apply to other bank because the conditions of loans in all banks are almost identical.

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