Is It Possible To Return Car Purchased On Credit?

Purchase of the car according to the credit program is a difficult process and very laborious. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the car thoroughly considering not only a beautiful appearance and modern “packaging”. Even a new car may fail. There is no insurance from it. If failure is small warranty repair will fix any problem. If the defect is much more serious the car needs to be returned to sales center. However, if the vehicle was purchased on a credit line everything becomes a little complicated as there can be problems with the financial institution which arranged the credit.

It is necessary to start solving a problem at vehicle sales center where the defective car was purchased. Theoretically return is possible without effort within 15 days after purchase. Actually, difficulties in case of return arrangement may cause mismatch of money transfer dates and actual receipt of the car. Often defects are revealed not immediately but much later. In such situation the claim should be sent to car sales center. If the claim is not accepted it should be sent as registered letter.

For the car purchased on a credit loan at car sales center isn’t enough just the consent to its return. The reference is required that the seller cancels the purchase agreement of the vehicle. Only then the money will be returned. If the buyer has already made monthly payments they will be repaid to him by the bank mandatory. Interests on credit are never returned to the client and the court won’t help.  But it will be able to help in reimbursement of costs for sales charges and insurance.

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