How To Make Correct Choice Of Bank For Auto Loan

The highest rating among car buyers belongs to car loans with state support on incomplete repayment of commission interest. Banks desperately compete against each other for customer acquisition interested to purchase a car, attracting them with various privileges and reduced rates. Payments of penalties gradually disappeared from banks’ terms and conditions for pre-term [...]

Myth Or Reality: Non-interest Auto Loans

Long-term saving of money for purchase of the car passed into oblivion. Today purchase of a car may be resolved by means of bank loan. To buy the vehicle on credit under zero interest is not a myth any more but a reality. Today the state, producers and banks do everything in order [...]

How To Sell Car Bought On Credit

It happens that the person who has recently arranged a car loan, decided to change a purchased car for a better one. If the car is redeemed completely it is possible to change it. But do it with a car the credit on which has not been repaid yet the consent of bank [...]

Car Loan Granting With Two Documents

State programs of auto loans are very popular. The essence of such program is that some share of commission percentage for the credit is paid by the state. Those people who decided to purchase a domestic or imported car but assembled in the country may have such opportunity.

It is known [...]

Crisis And Car Loans

This year rates on auto loan continue their fall all over the world. But despite the state stimulation sales will hardly grow.

It is considered that crisis time is a successful time for any large purchase including car. Now producers of cars are ready to credit the clients under zero annual [...]

Car Loans Without Initial Payment

Usually such car loan attracts people who have no sufficient savings because in case of such credit registration just funds for payment of insurance and alarm system are necessary.

Now banks after being tested by crisis when many people have not repaid their debt impose to future clients much more strict [...]

How Is Better To Purchase Second-hand Car

If you decided to purchase the car the age of which is not suitable for car loan registration, in this case options are absent. Besides, whatever freedom bank programs provide you will not be able to purchase the car from a private trader having arranged a bank loan Bank will choose just that [...]

Second-hand Car Loan

For second-hand cars crediting banks have provided some software products. Most expensive of them is an express crediting program. Its application gives the highest credit interest on. But the client chooses such program if urgent registration is required, with minimal quantity of documents without guarantee and references. Registration of “express crediting” requires the [...]

How To Obtain Credit For Car Against Pledge

Advertising about extreme accessibility of car loans to everybody can be heard every day from TV screens. However, it is just a trick of cunning marketing bank specialists to attract more clients. Actually to obtain a large loan is very difficult to those borrowers whose financial level is below average. It is worth [...]

Loan Against Car Pledge

Such method of borrowed money granting is a widespread phenomenon. Today it is the best option for obtaining money from bank if there is no opportunity to provide information about income. One of the most advantageous conditions of the deal is that the borrower may continue to use the car, but only without [...]